The easiest way to print your Jira stories
Upload your Jira export file (XML or XLS) on the form below and click on "Convert" to get your stories in beautiful Story cards

How it works

Jira2ScrumBoard is really simple to use. The goal is to save your time when you want to print your Jira Stories.

1. Export your Jira stories

Filter in Jira stories you wanted to print. For example: do a search as "sprint=1" to get all stories from your sprint #1. Then, export them as XML or Excel (All fields) format.

2. Upload your file here

To upload your file, select your Jira file into the above form and click on the "Convert" button. Only XML or Excel file with a size below 1MB are supported.

3. Print your Index cards

When the processing will be done, your stories will be downloaded automaticaly as a PDF file

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact me if you didn't find your solution.

How to export your Jira stories?

To export your Jira stories, first you have to make a selection of stories you need. You can easily select stories from your next Sprint with the search expression "sprint=1" (where 1 is the number of your sprint). For more detail a video is available on Youtube.

How to print more than 1 card per page?

Index cards are made for A4 page format. You can setup your printer in landscape format and ask for 2 (2 x A5 format) or 4 (4 x A6 format) stories per page. 4 stories per page is highly recommended.

There are other card formats?

Sorry currently this is the only version available.
If you have another format, please contact us.

Can I use custom card format?

As for the previous question, customize card is not available for now. However in a next version you may be able to upload your own story card layout.

Is my file format supported?

This version only supports XML and Excel (All fields) format file from Jira.
Due to some server constraint, only files under 1MB are accepted.

Do you support other tool than Jira?

Now only Jira is supported, but if you want to see your file supported here, the easiest way is to contact us and send us a sample of your file.

I like this tool, how can I contribute?

There are many ways you can be involved and to contribute. You can start by coding new features and send us your pull-request. Or translate this tool to your language, help us to host this website.

Who's behind this project?

This project is a totally free and not attached to Atlassian and Jira brands.
You can find the source code in the Github repot. Feel free to participate in this project by sending me your Pull request or fork it.

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